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Xseed English language Training

The Little Flower School had organised Xseed training on Sunday, 29th Nov.2015. The resource person Miss Payal Mehata began with language subjects emphasising the LSRW skills and significance of implementing them in sequence to develop ones language. She explained the importance of listening skill as “language is not taught but caught by listening.” Then she guided the teachers on the topics like role of grammar in a language, descriptive writing and communication skills. While guiding about grammar she classified it as structural and communicative and suggested to focus on communicative grammar. To develop the habit of creative writing among the students she explained five phases of writing like prewriting, drafting, peer editing, revising and final drafting. Finally, she interacted with the teachers to solve the problems faced by them during actual classroom teaching. In short, the training was very knowledgeable and informative.

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