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Pre Primary School Exhibition

School hosted Pre-Primary Exhibition on Friday,19th February 2020. The theme was in line with the goal to create Environmental Awareness, Good Manners, Presoanl Safety , Healty Eating Habits, Important of Games and Exercise and phonic sounds.The event saw

young enthusiastic participants and exhibits,comprising of innovative models and charts, and investigation based projects.

The programme was witnessed by 280 pre school students along-with their teachers of nearby shools and the parents of our little ones who were very much impressed by the presentations of all the LFS kids and congratulated the participants.

The exhibits covered a wide spectrum of topics like Introduction of Healthy habits, Healthy Food, Exercise, Save Water Save Tree, Modes of Transport and Safety Rules etc The preparations begun a month in advance. Students enthusiastically worked along with the teachers helping with preparations, making models, colouring charts and decorating classrooms. Corridors and soft boards outside the classrooms were decorated in line with with the theme. As the exhibits were products of students efforts, they were able to present them confidently.


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