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Month end Activity- July


To express one’s own idea, trying new things and experimenting with different material we

conducted “Food grain collage” activity on 31 st July 2019 for pre –primary classes. It engages children’s senses in open ended play and support the development of cognitive, social-emotional skills. Students of pre –primary bring different grain, pulses like chana dal , rice, wheat ,green gram, lentil, rajama beans, sago etc. they apply glue on the picture and paste grain and pulses on appropriate place carefully.

All the students participated enthusiastically along with competitive spirit. The criteria of

judgment were creativity and presentation.

Class I- III - QUIZ

The aim of this activity was to explore and to improve the knowledge of the students and to find the talent of the students. In this activity students were divided as per classes and houses. The quiz was taken in three rounds. In this three rounds, students were asked to solve some mathematics puzzles, they were asked to identify the forts, the seven wonders of the world, tools etc. All students enthusiastically participated in this act. From each class the best house was decided on the basis of quality of answers, participation and behavior. All students enjoyed and learnt something from the quiz activity.


As a part of month end activity on July 31, 2019 class IV and V made collage on topics like patriotism, Books are best friends, Future earth, Clean India, Positive and negative impact

of cell phone. Collage is a technique of an art production, it sometime include magazine and

newspaper clippings, paints bits of paper. Student participated in the activity house wise as Coral, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. Teacher assigned topics to each house. The time allotted was one hour.

Students brought different materials like old newspaper, pictures & information related to their topic, gum, card sheet etc. By using this material they prepare collage.

This activity helped to enhance not only creative and presentation skill of the students but

also help to increase their awareness in different social issues, to compare good and bad things, to enhance their thinking power.The participants were given ample opportunities to showcase their creativity followed by the theme. All the students participated enthusiastically along with competitive spirit. The students were judged by teacher & criteria of judgment were Creativity, Topic knowledge and presentation.

Students enjoyed the activity.

Class VI – VIII


Core values begin from a simple thing to great one inculcating these value in students and to

make them sustain was the reason behind the activity. Students took tremendous efforts for

preparing the posters. Students were divided into different groups and had posters on the topics to work on .They had to prepare posters on the topic need of positivity ,love for nature, love of birds and animals, patriotism, loyalty, passion etc. This activity made the students enhance their artistic talents and taught to work co operatively.

Class IX & X

Mocktail making / Sandwich making / Salad making

Students of Class IX and X performed the activity in groups . They were divided in four groups as per their Houses. Group leaders were appointed who divided the work equally among the house members. They enjoyed preparation of Salads, Mocktails and Sandwiches together. Everybody learned from each other, shared their ideas and completed the work in stipulated time. The presentations done were very attractive.

The group members explained the nutrition values of the ingredients. These groups were

observed by the class teachers and the best group was selected on basis of strategies of team work (coordination), hygiene maintained during activity, Nutrition value of the dish and time management.


As a part of the teaching-learning process, the students of classes LKG celebrated “COLOUR WEEK” with fun and enthusiasm from 16 th to 18 th July 2019 in the school premises. The children came dressed and brought toys and things as per the colour code. Teacher introduced primary colours red, blue, yellow through many activities such as sponge painting, finger printing, colouring with crayons etc. They recited many songs on colours every day.

The colour week celebration enabled the children to learn to identify the colours and associate the object to the colours.




Our school launched an extensive plantation programme on the occasion of Ashadi Ekadashi at Dudheshwar hill.Nimgaonjali.In order to restore the balance of the afforestation,the drive was taken with all seriousness. The Dudheshwar hill was selected to plant saplings in a well organised way.The students planted saplings, and watered them. Every step of the programme was appreciated by the representatives of the administration and the local forest department officials. The programme created a great awareness among the students. The programme started with encouragement and awareness about the plants by principal Mrs.Swati Kharde and teachers. The atmosphere was filled with great enthusiasm with the Abhangs by the local bhajani (singing)mandal(group) .

Report on Field Visit to Mahatma Phule Agricultural University, Rahuri.

To Expand comprehension of sustainability, botany, farming and community food security, Little Flower School had organized educational field visit for the classes VIII & X to the Mahatma Phule Agricultural University, Rahuri on 29 th July 2019. Firstly, we visited to horticulture department where they guided us in hybrid varieties of crops, cropping systems, cultivation time, characteristics and advantages of different crops. Then we turned to the department of agricultural equipment’s and tools which were invented by the scientists working in the university for the prosperity in agriculture. Here, students observed various models in the stalls of different colleges of the university and sorted out their queries presented in the models.

Apart from this they also visited the stalls of different seed companies, agricultural tools, fertilizers and agricultural chemicals. Next we moved towards Biotechnology Research Centre where they explained tissue culture & methods of preparing artificial seeds. After that we reached at the dairy plant and they also gave detail information regarding milk production, variety of cows and their types. Finally, we went to Medicinal and Aromatic Centre, it was most beautiful section of the university which was filled with lots of

greenery along with medicinal properties. Finally at 01:30 PM we departure from the university and reached at 02:20 PM at school campus. This tour was very helpful for the students to know about new techniques and innovative ideas in the field of agriculture in order to increase the production and sustainability in the world agriculture.

Visit to Anatomy Department

On 18 th July, 2019 the students of classX visited the visited the museum in Anatomy Department of Rural

Medical College, Loni. The students curiously observed the organs like stomach, small intestine, large

intestine, kidney, heart, lungs . The doubts related to specimens were cleared by the doctors. . All students

watched the specimen carefully and saw the dorsal, ventral, lateral and transverse section of limbs,

skeletons etc. The field visit proved to be knowledgeable experience for them.

This activity helped the students to understand the structure and function of the different organs of human


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