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Month –End Activity

Date :31 st January 2020.

To enhance the students talent and skills inside, month-end activity is

conducted on every month end. The aim is to develop their hidden

skills and creativity. Following are the activities conducted this month.

Pre primary :Poetry Recitation

Poetry is the core of literature.” To spread fragrance of poetry among

the children month end activity of pre-primary classes English, Hindi,

Marathi poem recitation competition was held on 31stJanuary2020, In

our school keeping the various aspects of poetry. The children enjoyed

the beauty of expressions, thoughts, feeling, rhyme and music of

words. The recital excelled in rhythm ,mood and expression. It was a

splendid event for the students that lulled the innocent hearts of the

toddlers. The children appreciated and applauded the performance of

the participants, and the children enjoyed the competition.

Std I-III -Kite Making Activity :

To express one's own idea, trying new things and experimenting with different material, A kite- making activity was conducted on 31st January 2020 for classes I to

III. Students used different kinds of paper, decorative articles, beads,

colours to decorate their kite. Students showed their talent and

creativity by making beautiful and eco-friendly kites. Students had

creative ideas to display. Some also displayed excellent task

management skills as they were not only immersed in activity, but also

ensured that all their decorations were cared for. The activity was full

of colours and innovative thoughts.

All students participated enthusiastically and enjoyed making kites.

This activity provided them good platform to enhance their creativity.

Creativity was an integral criterion, what also came across was the

commitment that students displayed through their engagement. It was

wonderful opportunity for the students to showcase their creativity that

left the onlookers astounded.

Std IV- V:Story Through Origami

A month end activity was conducted for classes 4 and 5 .The activity

was “ Story through origami “ on 31 st January 2020.Students

participated in this creative venture with great zeal and high spirit. The

students were amazed to see transformation of a flat sheet square of

paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting. Students

created unique and exclusive shapes and structures to showcase their

fineness in paper craft. They made house, fan, fish ,flower ,boat,

butterfly ,dog ,bird etc and presented stories with the help of shapes.

This activity triggered their imagination and enhanced their creative

skills. Story through origami activity provided the students with

wonderful “schematic learning through repeatable actions. To connect

the story through the paper folding craft was not only a fun filled

experience, but it also proved to be a valuable means to develop

artistic skills in the students.

Std VI-VIII :Sandwich Making Activity

Developing life skills for kids is a great way to encourage

independence, practice fine-motor skills, and foster self-

confidence. Kids can do so much if only given the chance! Sandwich

Making is an important life skill that children can do with assistance.

Once mastered, kids will enjoy feeling the success of making their

own lunch and snacks. With this same objective school conducted

sandwich making month end activity on 31st January 2020. All the

students took part enthusiastically by preparing healthy sandwich using

nutritious food items like sprouts, tomato, fruits, leafy vegetables,

brown bread, dates many more.

All the students worked together in team which helped them to build

team spirit. This activity helped them to  develop the skill of sharing,

caring and helping each other.

The activity was fruitful and enjoyed by students.

Std IX :Poster Making Activity on Social Issues:

To bring out the hidden artists in from the students and to gauge their

awareness , A ‘Poster Making’ activity was organized for the students

of class IX. The students were divided as per their houses who

beautifully created posters on the topic social issues of today’s world

as per their choice. Students from each group shared the information

of social issue through their poster with other group students. The aim

of the activity was to trigger the thought process of the students and to

sensitize them towards the issues concerning our society and

environment. This activity creates awareness about social issues

among the students which helps in personality development. The

teacher examined the presentation of each house and graded them as

follows in the light of the parameters of teamwork, richness of content,

creativity, confidence, originality and Aesthetic skill.

Saturday Club : Literature Club

The literature club conducted Crossword Puzzle Making activity for its

members with an objective of enhancing students’ knowledge of English

vocabulary. Initially the teacher divided the members into various groups and

appointed a leader for each. A list of topics was provided. Each team was

asked to pick up one and form a crossword puzzle using the subject-related

vocabulary. All the members of different teams worked according to the

criteria as group dynamics, presentation, time management and accuracy. The

students displayed their talent in preparing the puzzle and appropriate

descriptions. This activity enhanced their thinking, interpersonal relationship

and creative skills. After completing the activity the crossword puzzles were

interchanged and solved by the pupils with fun and enjoyment. The pupils

were proud of their creations and felt motivated to use different vocabulary to

enrich their language.

Heritage Club:

To enhance student’s enthusiasm and interest in the rich Indian culture and

develop respect towards the nation’s legacy, the heritage club conducted an

activity based on ‘Collecting pictures of different Temples and Monuments’.

As per the instructions, the students brought their pictures of temples &

monuments and displayed them attractively. The students were amazed to see

the old pictures of Bhairav Mandir, Mangla Gauri temple, Laxminarayan

temple, Shri Raddha Raman temple as well as some monuments like Qutub

Minar, Victoria Memorial, Charminar etc. and listen the stories about them.

The students delivered information about ancient temples and monuments of

India, the rulers who introduced or installed them & the designs or style of

construction. This activity helped the students understand the significance of

the historical temples and monuments & the change that occurred in it in the

course of time and style of architecture.

Maths Club :

On 27 th January , the students of Maths Club were divided into four teams as

Coral, Ruby, Sapphire and Saffron for the Maths Quiz Activity. Each team

under the leadership of its captain participated enthusiastically in the activity.

The quiz consisted of different rounds like question framing, rapid fire,

buzzer, puzzle, double trouble and magic wand rounds which were based on

the basic concepts of Maths, its history, formulae, laws of exponent,

theorems, puzzles, funny questions, logical questions etc. During the activity

students performed intelligently. The score of each team was reflected on the

board. The in-charge teacher examined the performance of each house in the

light of the parameters as Co-ordination, Accuracy and Time Management.

Through this activity the life skills like critical thinking, logical thinking,

interpersonal relationship and decision making were observed.

Little Chef Club :

Little Chef Club aims at providing a wide range of experience about

understanding recipes, preparing wonderful dishes and understanding their

nutritive values. To acquaint the students with vegetable cutlet preparation

and the equipment used the club had conducted an activity on 27 th January

2020. As per the guidelines the students brought the ingredients and the other

material needed for making the dish in group. Mrs. Sonali Argade guided the

students about hygiene and handling of the tools. Students made delicious

vegetable cutlets using nutritious ingredients like potato, fenugreek, gram,

kidney beans etc. Each group of students explained the recipe of their dish

and shared the dishes. The activity enabled the students to get acquainted

with the cooking skills like cutting, grilling, roasting, frying and decorating

dish etc. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students.

Science Club :

On 27 th January 2020a movie on Plants and Animals was shown to the

students as a part of club activity. The compact discs based on the life, habitat

and the adaptation of animals and plant were shown to the students in the

school A.V. room. The activity enabled students to study the diversity in the

plant and animal life. Finally, the teacher asked students share their opinion

about the film. She conducted a discussion and got a questionnaire solved.

The activity amazed all of them by the beauty of the living world. The

activity was fruitful for knowing the flora and fauna of our planet.

Art Club :

The Art Club conducted `Paper Art` activity on 27 th January 2020. As per the

guidelines the students had brought colour papers, fevicol, scissor, markers

and glitters. They showed their creativity and aesthetic skills by preparing

different paper articles and designs. They also prepared envelopes of

different sizes and designs on it for sending greetings, letters and other paper

materials. The activity provided a space to the pupils to show their creativity

in decorating and colouring different things.

Eco Club:

The Eco Club conducted Seed Plantation activity. The students had brought

their collection of seeds of different flower and show plants. They showed

great enthusiasm in planting the seeds in the school premises. They used

scientific methods. The teacher guided the students and made them feel

responsible and care for plants in daily life.


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