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Month End Activities – October 2014

Diya Decoration:

To enhance the aesthetic skills of students “ Diya decoration activity was conducted for class I. It was told to the student to bring required material like wool, bindi, sticker etc. Everyboy participated with great interest and decorated diya very beautifully.

Winners: I Rose

1 Wakchaure Pramila

2 Chintamani Shravani

2 Bhalerao Abhilasha

3 Thete Kunal

I Daisy

1 Jayesh Dale

2 Sumedh Asawa

2 Saiesha Gaikwad

3 Danvi Shetty

Toran Making:

Toran making activity was conducted for class II to enhance students creativity, imagination and aesthetic skills using the material like colour, lace, glitter and other decorative material. Students prepared toran of different size and shapes in groups.


1 Kalebagh Anshul

2 Gurav Apporva

3 Anarthe Shubham

Lantern Making:

Lantern making activity was conducted for the students of class U.KG. It was told the students to bring required material like-sketch pen, colour lace, ice-cream stick, glitter, chart paper, cello tape, scissors and fevicol to prepare the lantern

Incharge teachers explained how to prepare the lantern.students used their gained knowledge and prepare various types of lantern. The activity help the students to develop their creative and artistic skill. The effort of the pupils were appreciated. Winners of the activity were declared on the basis of criteria like imagination, neatness and finishing of the lantern. The best three winners of the activity selected form each class and honoured with certificates and gifts. . Students enjoyed the activity

Winners: III Rose

1 Mahamine Kavya

Maid Ridhima

2 Nimbalkar Sayee

Sathe Saiprasad

3 Pulate Prathamesh

III Daisy

1 Tupe Yogesh

Aher Snehal

Deokar Sammruddhi

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