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On the occasion of , school announce "A Day To Adopt a Stray" activity. Students were virtually explained that during this Pandemic situation as the hotels and shops are closed, dogs and cats are not getting food, clean water, and medical care to survive. Many die

because their most basic needs of food, water, and medical care are not met. The name for this situation is “pet over population.” Stray animals cannot easily get food or water by themselves. The food they do find may be from a trash can and the water may be dirty or polluted. If they get sick, they cannot get the care they may need. With this activity, we’re going to explore what causes dogs and cats to become strays, what can happen to stray dogs and cats, solutions that will reduce the number of stray dogs and cats ,and if possible adopt a stray dog or cat.

This activity has changed the students to more caring, sympathetic and respect towards the strays.

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