Institutional Leadership

Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil

Chairman, Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation

Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil is the scion of the illustrious Vikhe Patil family of Pravaranagar. His lineage has formed the backbone of his stellar vision and his life's experiences have been instrumental in the impeccable work that Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation is doing.

Dr. Patil is known globally for his work in the field of agricultural medicine and rural health alongwith his tenure as President of International Association of Agricultural Medicine and Rural Health (IAAMRH).

Apart from his vision and his guidance, all the institutions within the ambit of the Foundation, have benefited immensely from his experiences as a global citizen, bringing the best from the world, into the Maharashtrian heartland and helping the institutions do work which can be viewed as globally competitive.

Mrs. Nandini Vikhe Patil

Joint Secretary, Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation

Director, Schools Programme

Mrs. Nandini Vikhe Patil has always set new standards of performance, not just for the Vikhe Patil family of schools, but for the entire Pune school education sector. From introducing quality education in the rural pockets of Maharashtra, hers has been a long journey of paving the path to excellence, on which the Vikhe Patil family of schools, today stands.

Bringing up this school to the heights its scaled and the respect that it commands as a premier

educational institution in Pune, Mrs. Vikhe Patil has meticulously groomed every student and staff to be a proud member bearing the VPMS tag.

With each school drawing upon her experience and guidance to grow further, her Directorship of the Schools Programme, has laid a stable platform for the staff and students excelling to way beyond present national standards.